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“Wiped” Wednesday 10/1/14

Skill/Warm Up Agility Ladders There is no better way to get warm and prime the nervous system quite like agility ladders. The combination of speed and accuracy are fantastic skills to have, and agility helps in all walk of life, so listen, learn, and perform them well. MetCon – “Wiped” Orange/Balck 1,000 meter row, 30READ MORE

Goal Boards

Have you been thinking about a fitness goal you want to achieve?  Have you been working towards something, but are struggling to get there?  Don’t give up!  Let Metro help you. We’re setting up some whiteboard space in all three locations for Goal Boards.  What the heck is that?  It’s a great tool to help clarify, concentrateREAD MORE

Tuesday 9/30/14

Strength 3 rep max touch and go deadlift These deadlifts need to be touch and go ONLY. As soon as you relax at the bottom, the lifts are done, regardless of whether or not your hands are still on the bar. Barbell Free Strength - single leg romanian deadlifts: 5 sets of 8 (4 reps perREAD MORE

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