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Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

This Saturday, CrossFit Metro will join CrossFit boxes and other organizations around the nation to raise awareness (and maybe some funds) for Multiple Sclerosis or MS. The workout for the firebreathers will be 350 burpees for time – solo. ┬áThis workout can also be taken on in teams of 2 or more with all partnersREAD MORE

Thursday, 5/28/2015

Skill/Strength It’s Thursday so feel free to make up any missed skill or strength session from this week. Rx/Competition/Fitness Work on a goat with a twist…..2000m rowbut every minute on the minute, perform a small set of reps of a goat gymnastic move – T2B, pull ups, HSPU, ring dips, MUs, rope climbs, push ups,READ MORE

Wednesday, 5/27/2015

Strength 10 min EMOM of:5 Lateral over the bar burpees5 Deadlifts (5 unbroken reps)1st minute are the burpees, done with a lateral hop over the bar. Hips do not need to open at the top of the burpee.2nd minute are the deadlifts. These can be as heavy as you like, but they must be unbroken.READ MORE

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