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“Bob Hope” Saturday 12/20/14

Who knew Bob Hope was not a naturalized US citizen? Well who cares, because he was THE MAN, and one heck of a model American! Skill plank: 3 one minute holds. add weight if needed, but form must remain perfect MetCon Orange 8 minute AMRAP of: 12 russian swings 53/36, 8 goblet squat, 4 ringREAD MORE

12 Days of Christmas WOD Sunday 12/22/14

Holiday WOD day is here!!! Reminder, the 9 a.m. class will go on as scheduled but the 12:30 p.m. class has been moved to M2 for a celebration and potluck! And here’s your 12 Days of Christmas WOD! 12 Days of Christmas: 1. squat clean 2. hang power clean 3. F Squat 4. Hand StandREAD MORE

“Poor Richard’s Almanack” Friday 12/19/14

Strength snatches – 7 sets of the following complex: 1 squat snatch + 2 sec pause at the bottom + 1 overhead squat with 2 sec pause at bottom The squat snatch is all about balance, especially at the bottom of the squat (where you are hopefully catching the bar). Bar path, body position, footREAD MORE

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