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“Bolsheviks” Saturday 10/25/14

MetCon – “Bolsheviks” Partner WOD: 20 min for total distance and rounds partner A – row 500, partner B – AMRAP of 10 KB swings, 5 goblet squats, 10 slam balls,¬† Partner WOD Saturdays, whooooooo! Grab a buddy and get to work on this 20 minute grinder. Partners will pick up where the other partnerREAD MORE

Gymnastics Skills Class – Ring Dips and Strict Pull Ups

Gymnastics Skills Class – Ring Dips and Strict Pull Ups I see a lot of sloppy band assisted ring dips and pull ups during workouts, so we’re going to address those movements in Saturday’s gymnastics skills class. ¬†They’re difficult exercises requiring a fair amount of strength as a foundation and most of our athletes needREAD MORE

“Beep Test” Friday 10/24/14

Skill plank holds: 3 one minute holds. add weight if you can handle it, but there should be no moving or readjusting. rest between sets Strength Bench: 5 sets to find a 3 rep max We do not bench often, so take it easy building in weight and ALWAYS make sure to have a spotter.READ MORE

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