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“The Great Smog” Thursday 1/29/15

The Name In case you have not noticed, some of these names are pretty off the wall. I like history, so every now and then you get a little lesson on some random people and events. “The Great Smog” “The Great Smog” of London in 1952 was an event where the massive amount of airREAD MORE

“Just A Little Longer” Wednesday 1/28/15

Warm Up/Mobility Foam Roll 5-10 minutes Take 5-10 minutes to roll out after getting your blood pumping. We have worked hard the past two days, so loosen up that tight tissue to get ready for 30 minutes of awesome! MetCon - “Just A Little Longer” Orange/White Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes: Minute 1:READ MORE

“Warning: Heavy Weights Overhead” Tuesday 1/27/15

Strength - “Warning: Heavy Weights Overhead” This is the workout for the day, and there will be no MetCon unless you are prepping for the games. power clean and jerk: 7 sets of 2 @heavy weight The idea here is to work up pretty fast and perform the majority of your sets at 80-90% of yourREAD MORE

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