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Saturday 11/22/14

MetCon run 800, 50 plate ground to overhead, 50 push ups, run 800, 50 box jumps, 50 slam balls, run 800 Plate ground to overhead demo  

Friday 11/21/14

Skill Planks We will perform 5 total one minute planks. You can add weight if needed, but form must be perfect. Keep challenging yourself on these by dropping less or adding weight! 1. Forearm 2. Side plank on elbow or hand (left) 3. Side plank (right) 4. Forearm 5. Forearm Strength 5×5 deadlift (touch andREAD MORE

“Buda and Pest” Thursday 11/20/14

Mobility 10 min mobility for overhead Full body flexibility is needed before starting overhead squats, so be sure to stretch with purpose. A little mobility WOD action to start your day! Skill Pressing, heaving, and drop snatch balance. Video of the movements here. These will be performed in succession and building in speed. The PVCREAD MORE

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