“Strawberry Fields” Monday 4/27/15

Strength turkish get ups: 3 sets of 3/arm These are a great way to get some core and shoulder stability work in while warming up the whole body for clean and jerks. Skill turkish get up, clean and jerk MetCon – “Strawberry Fields” 20 min AMRAP: run 400, 10 clean and jerk 95/65, 20 dumbREAD MORE

“Sled Games” Sunday 4/19/15

MetCon – “Sled Games” 8 rounds: 1 min max effort, 2 min rest of: sled push 50 ft #90/50 loaded, 7 KB swings 70/53, max distance shuttle sprint

“Gymnasty-Test” Wednesday 4/22/15

Warm Up/Skill Kipping and Hand Stands We will be performing hand stand push ups and kipping pull ups, so coaches will prep you for those movements. It is very important during this time that you come up with a good scale for the workout that you can repeat in 9 weeks. The scale needs toREAD MORE

“Burgeron Beep Test” Monday 4/20/15

Test Week This is your test week everyone, so give it your best and make sure you are maintaining proper movement patterns! Strength 80% front squat test Step 1. Take three sets to warm up to about 80-85% of your one rep max (if you have one). The weight should be a multiple of 5READ MORE

“Push, Pull, Sprint” Friday 4/17/15

Warm Up/Mobility After a longer warm up, coaches will put you through a full body stretch for 20 minutes. “Get your mobility back America!” MetCon -¬†“Push, Pull, Run” Rx – 135/95 Comp¬†185/135 4 rounds/12 minutes: min 1 – bench press; min 2 – strict pull ups (any grip), min 3 – run 200 Score isREAD MORE

“Hold On Loosely” Thursday 4/16/15

Pick One There will not be enough time for everything, so you need to decide if you want to lift, or get some cardio in. Strength Option 1 triple pause squat clean EMOM for 20 minutes; pause @ knee, pause @ power position, pause @ bottom of the squat These pause sets will not beREAD MORE

“Prince Fielder” Friday 4/10/15

Strength 3 heavy sets of 3 push press The secret to a great push press is great footwork, so your coaches will work with you on the push press before going heavy for 3 sets. MetCon – “Prince Fielder” Rx – 95/65 Comp 135/95 12 min AMRAP: 5 push press, 5 pull ups, 25 doubleREAD MORE

“Get Me Bodied” Thursday 4/9/15

Pick Your Poison The choice is yours today: lift some weights and get strong, or work on your cardio. You will not have time for both, so choose wisely! Strength – “Big Clean Complex” 6 Sets of the Following Complex: High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Press; HighREAD MORE

“Golden Egg” Saturday 4/4/15

MetCon – “Golden Egg” Rx 5 rounds of 3 minute AMRAP with 1 min rest between rounds: 3 power cleans, DB 6 push press, 9 slam balls *** pick up your AMRAP where you left off for the next round Fitness – sub heavy KB swings for power cleans Intent This workout does not readREAD MORE

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