Benchmark WOD

“Helen” Saturday 4/25/15

Skill Overhead KB swings We do not use overhead swings often due to the much higher rate of dysfunctional movement, but when a benchmark is on the docket, American swings are the standard. I still prefer the russian swings for most athletes, but if you can complete our WODs at competition level, then feel freeREAD MORE

“Grace” Friday 4/24/15

Strength squat clean and jerk 1 rep max: 25 min You will have plenty of time to warm up and test your max squat clean and jerk, so do not rush the strength. If the limiting factor of your max is the jerk, then you may continue to test the squat clean without the jerk. YouREAD MORE

“Burgeron Beep Test” Monday 4/20/15

Test Week This is your test week everyone, so give it your best and make sure you are maintaining proper movement patterns! Strength 80% front squat test Step 1. Take three sets to warm up to about 80-85% of your one rep max (if you have one). The weight should be a multiple of 5READ MORE

“Annie Gives You Wings” Friday 3/27/15

Skill Gymnastics Kip From pull ups to muscle ups, it all starts with the kip. You coaches will take you through developing a better kip. Efficiency in the kip leads to accomplishing more difficult movements, but it also allows you to use less energy performing any gymnastics movement. MetCon – “Annie Gives You Wings” RxREAD MORE

“Diane” Sunday 2/22/15

MetCon “Dianne” 21-15-9 Deadlift, Hand stand push up Another infamous CrossFit WOD that will leave your hamstrings and shoulders taxed to their limit. What you may not have considered is the heavy toll this WOD takes on your core. In order to rep out heavy deadlifts you must have a sturdy lever arm to pullREAD MORE

“Chuck Berry” Wednesday 2/18/15

Skill Power clean It is a long workout today, so the skill will help us build to workout weight. Bar free – heavy KB swings MetCon - “Chuck Berry” Orange – 155/115; Black 225/165 20 min AMRAP: 200 meter run (sub 250 meter row), 1 clean, 1 round cindy, 200 run, 2 cleans, 2 cindy, etcREAD MORE

“Will You Be My ‘Fran’”

Skill Movement Prep It will take some time to work through the mobility to get to the skills we need to work on for the thruster and pull ups. After plenty of mobilizations, we will get out some bars (or DB) to work on the thruster, and then hop on the pull up bars toREAD MORE

“Row ‘Cindy’ Row” Saturday 1/24/15

MetCon - “Row Cindy Row” Partner WOD 20 Min AMRAP: partner A – row 500, while partner B – as many rounds of Cindy as possible 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats  When partner A finishes the row, both partners switch. Record your total distance and Cindy rounds. Scaling Because of the transition times,READ MORE

“Nancy” Friday 1/2/15

Skill Overhead squat Coaches will prep you for the high demands of the overhead squat. Strength overhead squat: 3 heavy sets of 3 with a 2 sec pause at the bottom MetCon “Nancy” 5 Rounds For Time 400 meter run 15 OverHead squats (95/65)

“GI Jane” Friday 12/26/14

Strength Weighted Pull Ups: 4 sets of 5 The first two sets need to be working up in weight, and the last 2 sets should be difficult to finish. If you cannot complete unassisted pull ups then you should work on a pull up alternative including: negatives, banded, or ring rows. However you need toREAD MORE

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