“Tiny Pebbles Float?” Tuesday 4/14/15

The name is not a movie quote, but rather a reference to a movie. Anyone know which movie? Strength 12 minutes to find 3 rep max hang power snatch MetCon – “Tiny Pebbles Float?” Rx – 95/65 Comp 115/85 50 double unders, 25 pull ups, 15 hang snatch, 500 meter row, 15 hang snatch, 25READ MORE

“Wagon Wheel” Wednesday 4/8/15

MetCon - “Wagon Wheel” Rx – #25 or larger plates, Comp – #5 change plates run 1000 meters, 800 meters, 600 meters, 400 meters, 200 meters with 15 barbell ab rollouts between each run Intent Pure cardio baby! After a tough couple days lifting, the weight comes off as the sun come out! You need toREAD MORE

“Workin For The Weekend” Friday 4/3/15

Warm Up and Mobility There is no strength today, so we are going to plug in an extra 15 minutes for mobility. After a warm up run or row, coaches will take you through a 15 minute stretch using any feedback from athletes if there are some tight areas that need focus. After mobility, weREAD MORE

“Say No To Cherry Picking” Wednesday 3/11/15

Warm up/skill 500 meter row using the pause drill 250 with pause arm away, and 250 with arms and body away. All athletes should be waiting for the coaches call and pulling at the same time. Here is a phenomenal CrossFit athlete and coach using the drill I want to employ. This guy is a rockstarREAD MORE

“Van Morrison” Monday 3/10/14

Strength Bent Press: establish a one rep max (same weight for each arm), then 2 sets of three at a slightly lower weight. We are kicking it old school with the bent press. The what? BENT PRESS! I fully expect little to none of our athletes to have ever done these, because they have becomeREAD MORE

“El Toro” Thursday 3/5/15

Skill shoot throughs and KB swings We have never programmed shoot throughs before, so I want to ensure that you get ample time to play with the movement and get comfortable with whatever scale you choose to use. MetCon – “El Toro” orange – 53/36 Russian swings; black – 72/53 overhead swings “EL TORO” 45…35…25…15READ MORE

“Here Comes The Sun” Wednesday 3/4/15

Skill Ring Push Ups Keep your focus on form, depth, and keeping your core tight. Do not snake your push ups, and scale accordingly. MetCon - “Here Comes The Sun” orange For Time: run 400, 15 ring push ups, run 600, 15 ring push ups, run 800, 15 ring push ups white – sub box pushREAD MORE

“Tommie Smith” Monday 2/6/15

Skill kipping/butterfly pull ups We will be working on the skills of the kip, and for those ready for it, the butterfly. Please understand that I would ideally prefer you have a strict pull up before attempting the full kipping pull up, but it is still valuable to start working on the kipping skill. ThereREAD MORE

“Langston Hughes” Tuesday 2/2/15

Skill planks: 5 one minute holds w/ one minute break between: front, front, left side, right side, front (add weight if needed) Only add weight if you can maintain the full 60 seconds. If you are moving around and distributing pressure to make the time, then you are doing it wrong. The idea of the plankREAD MORE

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