Core Strength

“Holy Hand Grenade” Wednesday 4/15/15

Strength 4 x 20 partner leg throws *** post WOD Buddy up and give your partner everything you have for a great post WOD ab workout. The harder you throw, the better the workout is for your buddy! MetCon -”Holy Hand Grenade” Rx – 135/95 Comp 155/115 4 rounds for time of: 400 meter run,READ MORE

“Wagon Wheel” Wednesday 4/8/15

MetCon - “Wagon Wheel” Rx – #25 or larger plates, Comp – #5 change plates run 1000 meters, 800 meters, 600 meters, 400 meters, 200 meters with 15 barbell ab rollouts between each run Intent Pure cardio baby! After a tough couple days lifting, the weight comes off as the sun come out! You need toREAD MORE

“Kendrick Farris” Tuesday 2/ /15

Strength - “Kendrick Farris” back squat 70% x 3, 80% x 3, 90% x 3+; Getting heavy this week on back squats before giving you an option to max out next week. Keep that posture looking good and rep out as many quality reps as you can. Since there is no WOD after, you should haveREAD MORE

“Mark Felix” Friday 2/6/15

Skill squat clean technique work After working through some barbell movements to prep you and assist in your squat clean technique, we will give you some time to work toward your workout weight. I would ideally like you to attempt or hit a max weight in this complex, and then back down just slightly forREAD MORE

“Langston Hughes” Tuesday 2/2/15

Skill planks: 5 one minute holds w/ one minute break between: front, front, left side, right side, front (add weight if needed) Only add weight if you can maintain the full 60 seconds. If you are moving around and distributing pressure to make the time, then you are doing it wrong. The idea of the plankREAD MORE

“50… That’s It?”

Strength snatch grip RDL’s: 5×5 The only difference between clean grip RDL’s and snatch grip RDL’s is where you place your hands. You need to have the same grip you would use for a snatch, so that you can emphasize the posture of your back. Your hamstrings will be the primary movers of the weight,READ MORE

“Bob Hope” Saturday 12/20/14

Who knew Bob Hope was not a naturalized US citizen? Well who cares, because he was THE MAN, and one heck of a model American! Skill plank: 3 one minute holds. add weight if needed, but form must remain perfect MetCon Orange 8 minute AMRAP of: 12 russian swings 53/36, 8 goblet squat, 4 ringREAD MORE

“Power to the Snatches” Thursday 12/4/14

Strength Power snatch with a pause at the knee: 1 pause power snatch EMOM for 10 minutes The focus is all about pulling from the floor and into a position at the knee that is conducive to producing the power and speed needed for a good snatch. Make sure that you focus on finding that positionREAD MORE

Tuesday 12/2/14

Skill plank: 3 one minute holds, add weight if needed, but form must remain perfect Keep progressing in this and challenge yourself to add weight or stay up a little bit longer. Strength RDL’s 5×5, strict supine pull ups 5×5, Dragon Flags 5×5 Intent This is a pure strength day, so the heart rate staysREAD MORE

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