CrossFit Games

CrossFit Open 15.4 Saturday 3/21/15

Workout 15.4 Variations Rx’d (Rx’d Men, Masters Men 40-44, Masters Men 45-49, Masters Men 50-54, Rx’dWomen, Masters Women 40-44, Masters Women 45-49, Masters Women 50-54) Complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of: 3 handstand push-ups 3 cleans 6 handstand push-ups 3 cleans 9 handstand push-ups 3 cleans 12 handstand push-ups 6 cleans 15 handstandREAD MORE

CrossFit Open 15.3 Saturday 3/14/15

WORKOUT 15.3 Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of: 7 muscle-ups 50 wall-ball shots 100 double-unders Men use 20-lb. ball to 10 feet, Women use 14-lb. ball to 9 feet Scaled (Scaled Men, Scaled Masters Men 40-44, Scaled Masters Men 45-49, Scaled Masters Men 50-54, Scaled Women, Scaled Masters WomenREAD MORE

Saturday 3/6/15: Open WOD 15.2

Skill Chest to bar pull ups Overhead Squats Efficiency tips for the two open movements today. MetCon 14.2 From 0:00-3:00 2 rounds of: 10 overhead squats, 95 / 65 lb. 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups From 3:00-6:00 2 rounds of: 12 overhead squats, 95 / 65 lb. 12 chest-to-bar pull-ups From 6:00-9:00 2 rounds of: 14 overhead squats, 95 /READ MORE

CrossFit Open 15.5 Saturday 2/28/15

Here we go! The Open is upon us, and the first workout brings gymnastics to the forefront with an interesting twist at the end. Capping a 9 min AMRAP with a 1 rep max clean and jerk is something we have definitely not seen before, but this is CrossFit, so we roll with it. WarmREAD MORE

“Jim Brown” Friday 2/20/15

Strength snatch 1 rep max: 20 minutes 20 minutes y’all, see what you can get! MetCon – “Jim Brown” Orange Death By hang power snatch 95/55 1 rep in the first minute, then rest; 2 reps in the second minute, then rest; and etc until you cannot complete the number of prescribed reps in 60READ MORE

“Goat EMOM” Thursday 2/19/15

Warm Up/ Mobility/Skill 1. 800 m run / 1000 m row 2. 5 min foam roll 3. Calisthenics 4. Coach led stretching – 10 min 5. 10 min to get equipment and work on your goat We are going to start with a long run or row to get the blood pumping, and then whenREAD MORE

“Maya Angelou” Tuesday 2/17/15

Strength strict press: 5×5 building in weight The weight should build, and you should make it through all sets of 5 reps. I have been seeing far too many athletes fail their reps on strength rather than putting in productive reps. Remember, the more you end in failure, the more you are preparing yourself toREAD MORE

“Joe Louis” Monday 2/16/15

Strength back squat 75% x 5, 85% x 3, 95% x 1+ (optional max out day) Max out if you dare today! All reps must make a good depth: either below parallel or as far down as your mobility will allow. Barbell free – 5×5 goblet squat MetCon - “Joe Louis” Orange 7 min EMOM: 75/55READ MORE

“Atlas” Friday 2/13/15

Skill hand stands pre strength, push press and jerks post strength (work up to WOD weight) We will prime the hand stand push ups with a little hand stand practice, and then after the strength we will prepare you for the shoulder to overhead. You will need to work up in weight for the 1READ MORE

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