CrossFit Totals

“Max Out Mashup” Thursday 9/4/14

Strength “Max Out Mashup” 1 rep max overhead squat 1 rep max front squat 1 rep max back squat This is the primary CrossFit work today, because I want you all to have a good idea of what you can squat. Start with the overhead squat, then add some more weight for the front squat,READ MORE

Friday 7/24/14

Skill Squat Test This is a mobility test that will determine how proficient you are with holding weight overhead. The test is simple: get a bar over your head, move your hands in until they are no more than a thumbs distance apart, and then see how far down you can squat. I would likeREAD MORE

Monday 021813 {CrossFit Totals 2}

Monday brings the arrival of CrossFit Totals 2. Today we will be establishing your one rep max for front squats, push press and squat snatch. Based on your feedback and participation, we have spaced out totals so that we’re not doing all of them in one week. You’ll do these totals on Monday and theREAD MORE

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