“Maya Angelou” Tuesday 2/17/15

Strength strict press: 5×5 building in weight The weight should build, and you should make it through all sets of 5 reps. I have been seeing far too many athletes fail their reps on strength rather than putting in productive reps. Remember, the more you end in failure, the more you are preparing yourself toREAD MORE

“Goat EMOM” Thursday 12/18/14

Warm Up/ Mobility 1. 800 m run / 1000 m row 2. 5 min foam roll 3. Calisthenics 4. Coach led stretching – 8-10 min 5. 5 min to get equipment and work on your goat We are going to start with a long run or row to get the blood pumping, and then whenREAD MORE

“Goat EMOM” Wednesday 11/26/14

Warm Up/Mobility After a warm up to get the blood flowing, we will stretch for 15 minutes to loosen up from the tough week. Skill Goat Work 15 min Today’s skill is all about working on whatever it is that gives you a hard time in CrossFit. It could be gymnastics, Olympic lifting, double unders,READ MORE

“Gettysburg Address” Wednesday 11/19/14

Skill Agility ladders Coaches will spend 10 minutes working on agility ladder drills. These drills are great for balance, hand eye coordination, and kinesthetic awareness. Do not worry if you are not good at them now, with the proper practice you will get better. Move only as fast as every step is correct, and thenREAD MORE

“Goat EMOM” + Squat Snatches Friday 10/31/14

Mobility 15 minutes to prepare for snatches What is the most important piece of flexibility for the squat snatch? Trick question, because the entire body must be flexible in order to maximize the use of the snatch.   So, what do you see in these pictures? Do you see the torso forward? All of theseREAD MORE

“Walk About” Thursday 10/2/14

Strength Push Press 75% x 5, 85% x 3, 95% x 1+ Barbell Free DB push press 4 sets of 5 building in weight MetCon – “Walk About” Orange/Black EMOM Even/Odd for 14 minutes: even – row 45 sec for calories, odd – max distance hand stand walk 45 seconds White EMOM Even/Odd for 14READ MORE

Tuesday 8/19/14

Strength Pendlay Row: 4 sets of 5 working up in weight Here is the explanation from Pendlay himself, but I want to add a few things to it. 1. If you do not have the flexibility or body type to maintain a flat back all the way from the floor (I am talking to youREAD MORE

Wednesday 6/18/14

Skill Goat Work: 15 minutes Work on what ails ya! Spend the 15 minutes making up a lift from the week, working on your double unders, mobility, or whatever it is that you need to work on.   MetCon Rx 20 min EMOM Even Odd: Even: 8-13 cal row or 45 seconds, whichever comes firstREAD MORE

Tuesday 5/10/14

Strength Clean pulls: 5 total sets, working up in weight each time. Weight should get heavier than you best clean. 1 pull to the knee and pause 2 seconds, drop, then 1 clean pull In my opinion, the most important position in Olympic lifting is position #2, or the top of the knee. Not onlyREAD MORE

Thursday 5/1/14

Strength - Pull Ups 4 Week Pull Up Progression Treat this as a strength set just like squats or presses, so make sure to take plenty of rest between sets. 1. Strict Pull ups only 2. We will perform 21 reps once per week 3. Pick a weight or a band that allows you to getREAD MORE

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