“A Day In The Life” Thursday 4/30/15

As with any Thursday now, if you would like to make up one of the WODs or strength from earlier in the week, then feel free to do so today. Olympic Lifting/Strength Option jerks from rack: 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1; 5×5 strict pull ups (overhand); 4×20 slow GHD sit ups (no hip snap)READ MORE

“Helen” Saturday 4/25/15

Skill Overhead KB swings We do not use overhead swings often due to the much higher rate of dysfunctional movement, but when a benchmark is on the docket, American swings are the standard. I still prefer the russian swings for most athletes, but if you can complete our WODs at competition level, then feel freeREAD MORE

“Gymnasty-Test” Wednesday 4/22/15

Warm Up/Skill Kipping and Hand Stands We will be performing hand stand push ups and kipping pull ups, so coaches will prep you for those movements. It is very important during this time that you come up with a good scale for the workout that you can repeat in 9 weeks. The scale needs toREAD MORE

“Burgeron Beep Test” Monday 4/20/15

Test Week This is your test week everyone, so give it your best and make sure you are maintaining proper movement patterns! Strength 80% front squat test Step 1. Take three sets to warm up to about 80-85% of your one rep max (if you have one). The weight should be a multiple of 5READ MORE

Programming Changes Ahead!

Overview So, we have decided to re-invent CrossFit, training, and the wheel! Well not really, but we are going to tweak some things, so this is your heads up. If you are the type of athlete that loves to come in, complete whatever is on the whiteboard and go home with a great workout, thenREAD MORE

“Holy Hand Grenade” Wednesday 4/15/15

Strength 4 x 20 partner leg throws *** post WOD Buddy up and give your partner everything you have for a great post WOD ab workout. The harder you throw, the better the workout is for your buddy! MetCon -”Holy Hand Grenade” Rx – 135/95 Comp 155/115 4 rounds for time of: 400 meter run,READ MORE

“Tiny Pebbles Float?” Tuesday 4/14/15

The name is not a movie quote, but rather a reference to a movie. Anyone know which movie? Strength 12 minutes to find 3 rep max hang power snatch MetCon – “Tiny Pebbles Float?” Rx – 95/65 Comp 115/85 50 double unders, 25 pull ups, 15 hang snatch, 500 meter row, 15 hang snatch, 25READ MORE

“Rump Shaker” Tuesday 4/7/15

Strength deadlift prep and work to WOD weight We will work up to, and then slightly over workout weight during strength time. I want you to practice the touch and go deadlift with something heavy, and then back down to a good weight for the WOD. MetCon Rx “Rump Shaker” 5 Rounds for Time: 6READ MORE

“Workin For The Weekend” Friday 4/3/15

Warm Up and Mobility There is no strength today, so we are going to plug in an extra 15 minutes for mobility. After a warm up run or row, coaches will take you through a 15 minute stretch using any feedback from athletes if there are some tight areas that need focus. After mobility, weREAD MORE

“Hands Down, Feet Up” Thursday 4/2/15

Olympic Lifting Option jerks from the rack: 12 sets of 1, then after lifting 3 sets of 15 GHD hip extensions and GHD sit ups (not dynamic, but slow and controlled) Make sure to take plenty of time warming up with lighter weight and technique work, and then save the heavy lifting for your workingREAD MORE

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