Interval Training

“Sled Games” Sunday 4/19/15

MetCon – “Sled Games” 8 rounds: 1 min max effort, 2 min rest of: sled push 50 ft #90/50 loaded, 7 KB swings 70/53, max distance shuttle sprint

“Dr. Thruster” Monday 4/13/15

Strength 15 minutes to find 3 rep max thruster How much can you thruster 3 times? Find out today! MetCon - “Dr. Thruster” Rx – 75/55 Comp – 95/75 3 rounds of lactate threshold training: sprint 200, 6 burpees, 9 thrusters, rest 4 min Intent Lactate threshold is all about max effort sprints! Give it yourREAD MORE

“Golden Egg” Saturday 4/4/15

MetCon – “Golden Egg” Rx 5 rounds of 3 minute AMRAP with 1 min rest between rounds: 3 power cleans, DB 6 push press, 9 slam balls *** pick up your AMRAP where you left off for the next round Fitness – sub heavy KB swings for power cleans Intent This workout does not readREAD MORE

“Josaphine Baker” Saturday 2/21/15

MetCon – “Josephine Baker” Orange/white 6 minute AMRAP: 10 wallballs 20/14 10 burpees *3 minute rest 6 minute AMRAP: 10 KB swings 53/35 10 wallballs *3 minute rest 6 minute AMRAP: 10 burpees 10 KB swings black – sub overhead KB swings 72/53, #30 wall ball Intent Even though this is 18 minutes of work,READ MORE

“Hop On Squat” Tuesday 1/20/15

Strength Front Squats 75% x 5, 85% x 3, 95% x 1+ Heavies day for front squats, so be sure to take your rest and only put in quality reps. It is important to remember that this is NOT a one rep max; instead. you should be squatting weight that you KNOW you can get upREAD MORE

“Family Therapy” Saturday 11/29/14

Skill Movement prep and practice MetCon – “Family Therapy” Fight Gone Bad Style: 3 rounds, KB swings 53/35, push ups, row, wall balls, double unders, 1 min max reps – no rest between movements, one minute rest between rounds Need to burn away some stress of entertaining family all week? Come in and get yourREAD MORE

“Bear Lactate” Monday 11/10/14

Strength Front Squat 65% x 5, 75% x 5, 85% x 5+ We are jumping back to front squats, so be sure to focus on a great front rack position and tight core to help keep your torso as vertical as possible. The 5+ day is, in my opinion, the hardest day in the WendlerREAD MORE

“Viktor” Thursday 11/6/14

Warm Up/Skill Front Rack Sots Press 3×5 with barbell or PVC pipe Sots Press Video Explanation Video of more weight in a front rack Sots press than seems human. Strongest back in Olympic Weightlifting. From the human highlight reel Dimitri Klokov. @ 120 kg for good measure. We can all thank Viktor Sots for this unusual formREAD MORE

“Beep Test” Friday 10/24/14

Skill plank holds: 3 one minute holds. add weight if you can handle it, but there should be no moving or readjusting. rest between sets Strength Bench: 5 sets to find a 3 rep max We do not bench often, so take it easy building in weight and ALWAYS make sure to have a spotter.READ MORE

“Hop on Squat” Monday 10/13/14

Strength Back Squats: 65% x 5, 75% x 5, 85% x 5+ Barbell Free goblet lunges: 4 sets of 5 (each leg) MetCon – “Hop on Squat” Orange 3 rounds for time of: 10 back squats 95/65, 13 burpees, 14 box jumps 24/20, 4 min rest White sub goblet squat for back squats Black 135/95READ MORE

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