Kettle Bell

“Come Together” Wednesday 4/29/15

MetCon – “Come Together” Rx 5 rounds for time: 10 KB snatches (left), 6 waiter lunges (left), 10 KB snatches (right), 6 waiter lunges (right), 100 double unders Fitness – sub DB snatch Comp – 6 rounds Waiter Lunges – here is a demo vid. If you cannot maintain stability, then switch to goblet orREAD MORE

“Sled Games” Sunday 4/19/15

MetCon – “Sled Games” 8 rounds: 1 min max effort, 2 min rest of: sled push 50 ft #90/50 loaded, 7 KB swings 70/53, max distance shuttle sprint

“Helen” Saturday 4/25/15

Skill Overhead KB swings We do not use overhead swings often due to the much higher rate of dysfunctional movement, but when a benchmark is on the docket, American swings are the standard. I still prefer the russian swings for most athletes, but if you can complete our WODs at competition level, then feel freeREAD MORE

“More Cowbell” Tuesday 3/31/15

Strength front squats: 3 sets of 5 reps with a 5 sec pause at the bottom The long pause at the bottom is the critical step in these squats. You should not be resting on your joints here, but rather pushing hard to maintain proper squat alignment. Have a buddy count for you, because youREAD MORE

“Jackie Robinson” Tuesday 2/24/15

Strength back squat de-load: 40% x 5, 50% x 5, 60% x 5 barbell free – sub goblet squats MetCon - “Jackie Robinson” Orange 8 min AMRAP of: 8 front rack reverse lunge 95/55, 12 KB swings 53/36 White – sub goblet or non-weighted  lunge Black - 115/85, 72/53 Intent This is a faster workout, but 8READ MORE

“Langston Hughes” Tuesday 2/2/15

Skill planks: 5 one minute holds w/ one minute break between: front, front, left side, right side, front (add weight if needed) Only add weight if you can maintain the full 60 seconds. If you are moving around and distributing pressure to make the time, then you are doing it wrong. The idea of the plankREAD MORE

“Wait… Lunges?” Friday 1/9/15

Strength Squat snatches with 2 sec pause at knee and 2 sec pause in the hole: 6 sets of 2 getting heavy, but no misses Make sure that you are pausing for a full two seconds at the knee, and then a full two seconds once you catch. Skill KB snatches MetCon – “Wait… Lunges?”READ MORE

“South Pole” Saturday 1/3/15

Strength Find a max day! Today we will give you 20 minutes to find a max in any lift that you wish. If you have a goal for 2015, then today is your chance to set the bar to see how far you have to go in order to get to achieve your goal. CleanREAD MORE

“10 Minute KB Snatch Test” Tuesday 12/30/14

Skill KB snatch Turkish get up We will spend time going over each of these technically demanding movements before unleashing upon the strength and WOD. Strength Turkish get up: 4 x 3/side You should be building in weight if possible, but if you do not feel like you can go up, then stay at aREAD MORE

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