Partner WOD

“Shoot The Rower” Friday 3/20/15

MetCon – “Shoot The Rower” Partner WOD: 6 rounds for time and reps of: Partner A – row 500 Partner B – as many shoot throughs as possible  

“Will You Be My ‘Fran’”

Skill Movement Prep It will take some time to work through the mobility to get to the skills we need to work on for the thruster and pull ups. After plenty of mobilizations, we will get out some bars (or DB) to work on the thruster, and then hop on the pull up bars toREAD MORE

“Toe Jam” Saturday 1/10/15

Skill Toes to bar and scaling options. Toes to bar puts the shoulder joint into an extreme range of motion that you never hit during normal activity, so be sure that your shoulder can handle it before using them for a 20 min WOD. Your coaches will walk you through the movement and then talkREAD MORE

“AT-AT” Saturday 12/27/14

MetCon Orange Partner AMRAP 20 min: Partner A: run 400, partner B, AMRAP of : 6 DB thrusters 35/20, 9 box jumps 24/20, 12 KB swings 53/36 Score is total rounds and distance ran. Black sub #95 barbell thruster, 72/53 KB

“B-A-N-A-N-A-S” Saturday 12/13/14

Skill Movement prep There are 5 different movements to master before setting off on this WOD journey with a partner. Listen to your coaches to ensure you are doing them correctly and as efficiently as possible. MetCon - “B-A-N-A-N-A-S” Orange Partner Chipper: one partner working at a time, finish in any order you wish 120 pullREAD MORE

“Turkey Day Massacre” Thanksgiving WOD

“Turkey Day Massacre” This Thanksgiving, Tyler and Kris will be taking you through a unique partner WOD. I wold suggest you take a rest day Friday, because this one will fatigue you significantly. WOD 45 min As many points as possible Team member 1 will be completing an 800m weighted run Team member 2 willREAD MORE

“Run, Jump, Slam” Saturday 11/8/14

Skill Movement Prep Warm up and practice your WOD movements so you can master them during the workout. MetCon – “Run, Jump, Slam” Partner WOD 20 min AMRAP Partner A: 400 meter run Partner B AMRAP of: 10 jumping alternating lunges (5 each leg), 8 slam balls, 6 box jumps,

“Pumpkin Partner Pie” Saturday 10/4/14

Warm Up Plank holds 3, 1 minute plank holds with 1 minute rest between If you think you can do it with weight on your back, then give it a shot. Back must remain neutral, however. MetCon Orange 20 min partner AMRAP: partner A – row 500, partner B – AMRAP of 3 strict supineREAD MORE

Saturday 8/30/14

MetCon Partner WOD 4 rounds of: 5 min max effort, 1 min rest of: Partner A – row for calories, Partner B – AMRAP of 4 push ups, 8 KB swings, 16 double unders Partners switch after the 1 min rest and pick up the AMRAP where your partner left off.

Saturday 8/16/14

Skill Proper push ups and row tutorial Your coaches will give you pointers on the perfect push up, and then we expect you to use that form during the entire duration of the WOD. MetCon Rx Partner 5K row Partners will alternate 250 row sprints, Partner not on the rower performs 7 perfect push upsREAD MORE

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