“Holy Hand Grenade” Wednesday 4/15/15

Strength 4 x 20 partner leg throws *** post WOD Buddy up and give your partner everything you have for a great post WOD ab workout. The harder you throw, the better the workout is for your buddy! MetCon -”Holy Hand Grenade” Rx – 135/95 Comp 155/115 4 rounds for time of: 400 meter run,READ MORE

“Rump Shaker” Tuesday 4/7/15

Strength deadlift prep and work to WOD weight We will work up to, and then slightly over workout weight during strength time. I want you to practice the touch and go deadlift with something heavy, and then back down to a good weight for the WOD. MetCon Rx “Rump Shaker” 5 Rounds for Time: 6READ MORE

“The Humpty Dance”

Strength pause squats: 3×3 with a 3 second pause I saw so many good things happening during the pause squats last week, that we are going to do it again! Today will be heavier with a shorter pause, but the focus is still stability in the hole. MetCon – “The Humpty Dance” 7 Rounds of:READ MORE

“Sun’s Out Run’s Out” Wednesday 4/1/15

MetCon – “Sun’s Out Run’s Out” Rx 3 rounds for time of: 800 meter run, 15 deadlift 135/85, 75 double unders Fitness – sub KB deadlifts Comp – 4 rounds Intent The deadlifts should go unbroken on most rounds, and the intent is not to pull heavy today. Also, unless you are regularly knocking outREAD MORE

“Going Sumo?” Tuesday 3/24/15

Strength Sumo Deadlifts – 5 heavy sets of 3 These are supposed to be heavy, but I do not want any misses, and I want touch and go reps ONLY! barbell free – sub KB MetCon – “Going Sumo?” Rx – 95/65 35 rounds for time: 1 sumo deadlift, 1 sumo deadlift high pull, 2READ MORE

“Shoot The Rower” Friday 3/20/15

MetCon – “Shoot The Rower” Partner WOD: 6 rounds for time and reps of: Partner A – row 500 Partner B – as many shoot throughs as possible  

“Chest On Fire” Sunday 3/8/15

Skill rope slams and bench press Spend some time with your coach to work on your bench press technique, and then get a few reps with the battle rope to feel the movement before using it in the WOD. MetCon – “Chest On Fire” orange – 115/75; black – 155/115 4 rounds for time: rowREAD MORE

“Dred Scott” Friday 3/6/15

Strength deadlift 3 heavy sets of 5 I would like everyone to include 2 weighted sets of 5 to get to your heavy working sets. Bar free – sub KB deadlifts MetCon – “Dred Scott” Even though we are just out of black history month, March 6th marks a dark time for America and theREAD MORE

“Mary McLeod Bethune” Wednesday 2/3/15

Skill jerk technique and build to WOD weight 15 minutes Many think that the snatch is the most technical Olympic movement, and indeed their case is strong, but in my humble opinion, the jerk takes that prize hands down. Anyone can get a barbell over their head, but being able to do so with maximumREAD MORE

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