“TAYbata” Thursday 12/11/14

Warm Up/Mobility Mobility: 15 minutes After getting the body warm, we will proceed straight to mobility without stopping, passing go, or collecting $200. Follow along with the coach as they stretch the whole body, or take this time to work on individual needs if you have them. Mini bands After mobility, we will jump intoREAD MORE

“Tabata Twister” Saturday 10/11/14

Skill Ground to overhead practice. MetCon – “Tabata Twister” Tabata intervals of the following movements separated by 2-3 minutes of rest as needed. Rowing, Russian KB swing + goblet squat (alternate between the two movements) #75/55 ground to overhead White Sub slam balls for ground to overhead Intent A tabata interval is 8 rounds ofREAD MORE

Friday 9/26/14

Warm Up + Mobility 5 min foam roll 4 min couch stretch 4 min hamstring stretch Strength Challenge max weight 50 ft lunge The weight needs to stay on your shoulders the whole 50 ft, and knees must touch the ground. MetCon – “4 min Glutes” Orange Tabata of front rack lunges 75/55 White SubREAD MORE

Sunday 8/24/14

MetCon “Tabata Triplet” Tabata intervals of the following movements: Bike Bench 135/85 Burpees Take as much time as needed between movements.

Thursday 7/31/14

Strength Push Press 70% x 3, 80% x 3, 90% x 3+ Please remember to reset after each rep when performing push press for strength. I want you to make sure you have a great rack position where the bar is fully connected to your shoulders for the dip and drive. If you perform theseREAD MORE

Friday 6/13/14

Strength 21 strict ring dips Treat this as a strength set just like squats or presses, so make sure to take plenty of rest between sets. 1. Strict ring dips only 2. We will perform 21 reps once per week 3. Pick a weight or a band that allows you to get between 6 &READ MORE

Tuesday 5/27/14

Skill/Strength Clean High Pull We will be working on the clean high pull with a PVC and talking about why we are performing them. Then, we will put some weight on the bar and get better at a very important piece of the clean. clean high pull: All percentages are based off of 1 repREAD MORE

Monday 101413

We’ve got a different variation of the clean today…a kettlebell power clean. The WOD today is a tabata workout with this clean movement, dumbbell thrusters and sit ups. (source) Strength Front Squat 5-5-5 MetCon Tabata (20 seconds on 10 seconds recovery for 4 minutes) KB power clean 32/24 from power position/high hang (alternate every roundREAD MORE

100813 – Tabata Tuesday & Honest Push Ups

We are working tabata intervals on Tuesday with a focus on push ups. We will be cleaning up your technique and making sure everyone is performing the movement to standards. Gone will be the days of the awkward fish flop/half burpee and here are the days of the “honest push up.” The CrossFit Journal describesREAD MORE

Tuesday 100113

It’s October 1! Where has the year gone!? With just three months left in the year it’s a great time to reevaluate your goals around fitness and nutrition so that you can feel your best throughout the holidays and going into the new year. (Holidays? Did I really just type holidays???) Staying committed to yourREAD MORE

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