“A Day In The Life” Thursday 4/30/15

As with any Thursday now, if you would like to make up one of the WODs or strength from earlier in the week, then feel free to do so today. Olympic Lifting/Strength Option jerks from rack: 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1; 5×5 strict pull ups (overhand); 4×20 slow GHD sit ups (no hip snap)READ MORE

“Come Together” Wednesday 4/29/15

MetCon – “Come Together” Rx 5 rounds for time: 10 KB snatches (left), 6 waiter lunges (left), 10 KB snatches (right), 6 waiter lunges (right), 100 double unders Fitness – sub DB snatch Comp – 6 rounds Waiter Lunges – here is a demo vid. If you cannot maintain stability, then switch to goblet orREAD MORE

“Yellow Submarine” Tuesday 4/28/15

Strength front squats 65% x 5, 75% x 5, 85% x 5+ If you tested last week, here is what you do. I will use the test numbers: #135 x 10 reps. 1. Use the chart in the gym to find a 1 rep max – #135 x 10 = #180 max (or use thisREAD MORE

“Strawberry Fields” Monday 4/27/15

Strength turkish get ups: 3 sets of 3/arm These are a great way to get some core and shoulder stability work in while warming up the whole body for clean and jerks. Skill turkish get up, clean and jerk MetCon – “Strawberry Fields” 20 min AMRAP: run 400, 10 clean and jerk 95/65, 20 dumbREAD MORE

“Sled Games” Sunday 4/19/15

MetCon – “Sled Games” 8 rounds: 1 min max effort, 2 min rest of: sled push 50 ft #90/50 loaded, 7 KB swings 70/53, max distance shuttle sprint

“Helen” Saturday 4/25/15

Skill Overhead KB swings We do not use overhead swings often due to the much higher rate of dysfunctional movement, but when a benchmark is on the docket, American swings are the standard. I still prefer the russian swings for most athletes, but if you can complete our WODs at competition level, then feel freeREAD MORE

“Grace” Friday 4/24/15

Strength squat clean and jerk 1 rep max: 25 min You will have plenty of time to warm up and test your max squat clean and jerk, so do not rush the strength. If the limiting factor of your max is the jerk, then you may continue to test the squat clean without the jerk. YouREAD MORE

Make Up Thursday 4/23/15

Make up day everyone! If you missed anything this week, then make it up today. If you are one of the few that made it three days in a row, you can either spend the day recovering, stretching, or ask the coach for the Friday or Saturday WOD should you not be able to makeREAD MORE

“Gymnasty-Test” Wednesday 4/22/15

Warm Up/Skill Kipping and Hand Stands We will be performing hand stand push ups and kipping pull ups, so coaches will prep you for those movements. It is very important during this time that you come up with a good scale for the workout that you can repeat in 9 weeks. The scale needs toREAD MORE

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